Monday, November 03, 2008

Book Review of Uprooting Anger

So last night I began reading a book titled Uprooting Anger by Robert D. Jones. I have for some time been under conviction to get my anger under control and until now I have been running from the truth that I must control it.

I find that practical theology is the hardest theology to grasp. You can learn systematic theology, Biblical theology, etc but practical theology is the theology of rubber hitting the road.This is where I fall short.

Now I know we all fall short of the Glory of God and that perfection will not be found this side of eternity but we are also commanded to Be Holy. And with that I need to control my anger.

As an overview to the title of the book, Uprooting Anger has to do with pulling it up by the roots. Much like a dandelion that grows in your yard, if you do not pull up the whole root, it will remain and be back. I will by God's grace seek to identify the roots and pluck them out.

As I read each chapter I will be providing insights that I feel are not only beneficial to me, but to any of those who stumble across this blog. Please feel free to read and comment on this as I journey into this book.

May God receive Glory through this process of sanctification.